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Start customizing your new home in Downtown Fort Myers at Prima Luce on the Waterfront!

Prima Luce’s unique customization app allows you to explore seven floor plans and preview pre-set color palettes selected by Dwayne Bergmann of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors, including stylish cabinetry and countertop combinations for your kitchen and bathroom, as well as flooring throughout your residence.

If you’re unable to make it into the Sales Center to use the app in person, we can schedule a computer screen-sharing session via GoToMeeting no matter where you are (as long as you have access to a screen and an internet connection).

Preview some of Dwayne Bergmann’s selections below, and call the sales center at 239-308-4719 to set up an appointment to customize your new waterfront condo.


KITCHEN CABINETS & COUNTERTOPS (3 of 5 selections pictured)


FLOORING (3 of 4 selections pictured with carpet option)


BATHROOM CABINETS, COUNTERTOPS & FLOORING (3 of 3 selections pictured)

But the Prima Luce customization app is just the beginning. The Prima Luce Selection Center will open at Dwayne Bergmann Interiors this month, giving homebuyers the opportunity to fully customize and upgrade every room in their house, from hand-selected countertop and cabinetry combinations to full interior design and home styling services.

“We’re giving Prima Luce buyers the opportunity to fully personalize and upgrade their new homes from floor to ceiling,” explained Dawn Geyser Chalanick, Director of Operations for Prima Luce, LLC, “But we’re also offering a variety of stylish, high-end, pre-selected flooring and fixture combinations at no extra cost.”

If you haven’t already taken advantage of pre-construction pricing, call now to make your reservation and begin customizing your new waterfront condo in the Historic River District of Downtown Fort Myers.






Call the Sales Center at 239-214-7535 or send us a message to schedule an appointment with the Prima Luce condo customization app