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Prima Luce, LLC is launching an interactive application that allows potential Prima Luce condo owners to explore and customize many of the finishes, fixtures and flooring in their future homes.

Located on the banks of the beautiful Caloosahatchee River in Downtown Fort Myers, Prima Luce is a luxury high-rise, two-tower condominium community, and the newest Downtown Fort Myers waterfront community from Robert MacFarlane of MacFarlane Barney Development, developer of the Beau Rivage, St. Tropez and Riviera.

Because Prima Luce is still in the presale phase of development, MacFarlane and his team commissioned an innovative app that could provide interested and prospective buyers with a glimpse inside these two upcoming luxury towers, as well as the ability to customize the color and style of the floors, kitchens and bathrooms of each residence.


“We embraced interactive reality in an effort to bring Prima Luce’s floor plans to life through real-time rendering,” said Rebekah MacFarlane Barney, Chief Operating Officer of Prima Luce, LLC and MacFarlane Barney Development. “This application makes it so easy for people to explore Prima Luce. Any company asking prospects to purchase something they haven’t or can’t yet see in person must innovate, and Prima Luce is more than happy to be starting this conversation.”

In the app, prospective buyers can select and interact with seven floor plans, ranging from the spacious studio Lucca model to the three-bedroom/two-and-a-half-bathroom Salerno model, and in every residence – each of which feature stunning views of the Caloosahatchee captured in accurate, unedited drone footage – users can hop around the floor plan via hot spots, such as “Kitchen” or “Master Bedroom,” or navigate freely throughout the entire space.

One of the most exciting features of this cutting-edge app is the ability to hand-select and sample various custom-curated combinations of finishes, flooring and materials. Users can select and preview up to five kitchen countertop, cabinetry and backsplash combinations; three bathroom countertop, cabinetry and tile combinations; and five flooring types.

While the app defaults to floor 14, users can explore 20 out of 22 floors — starting on 2 and ending on 21. The ability to navigate from the east tower to the west tower, as well as alternate sides of the building, depend on the availability of the unit as per the pre-planned Prima Luce blueprints.

“This app is one of the first of its kind in Southwest Florida,” said Anthony DeBono, Principal at d3 Creative Studio, the Fort Myers-based 3-D studio that created the interactive reality app for Prima Luce. “We call it the ‘sales center of the future,’ because this type of technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry and changing the way agents interact and engage with potential buyers. Spend five minutes exploring this app and one thing will become especially clear — Prima Luce is setting the standard for what is to come for the real estate industry nationwide.”

With the help of Richard Miner, Director of Design for Prima Luce, who provided all the details and building specs, and interior designer Dwayne Bergmann, who provided floor-to-ceiling styling, furniture and customization options for the floors, kitchens and bathrooms, d3 interpreted thousands of precise two-dimensional lines and many material samples into one visually stunning, smooth-running, interactive application.



For Richard Miner, the interactive reality app was an experiment in geometric visualization.

“What started out as a vanilla shell with grayed-out windows and blank walls is now a fully realized interpretation of what an actual home may look like at Prima Luce,” Miner said. “Something that may not have been adequate from a two-dimensional perspective with space visualization – like a line drawing of a floor plan – is now conceptualized and more tangible. This kind of technology is paving the way for what home buyers will come to expect from Prima Luce.”

For Dwayne Bergmann, this app meant completing 100% of the interior design without having a physical space from which to obtain traditional inspiration.

“My team started with size, shape and scale of furniture and accessories to give buyers a very good idea of how the space could work,” said Bergmann. “Building a high-rise takes a long time, and you cannot capture where you are just by looking at a picture. This app breaks down those barriers and acknowledges new ways of utilizing the designs I have worked with for ten-plus years.”

The application is powered by the latest Apple iPad Pro (or at least an iPhone 8), making it easy to share in the sales center and putting exploration and customization directly into the hands of the interested buyer, while also allowing sales representatives to introduce Prima Luce to people all over the world via screen-sharing applications, such as GoToMeeting.

“Interactive reality apps are a way of reinventing the multifamily-living sales process, and we’re so proud to be setting the tone for the local marketplace,” MacFarlane Barney says. “It’s a powerful supplemental sales tool. Instead of asking potential home buyers to purchase a home based solely on brochures and their imagination, this unique app gives people the opportunity to experience and customize what their lives might look like at Prima Luce – life in a whole new light!”

To experience this cutting-edge interactive app for yourself, call the Prima Luce sales center at 239-214-7535 to schedule a meeting with the sales team. The Prima Luce Sales Center – located at 2631 First Street in Fort Myers, Florida 33916 – is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on Sundays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Visit d3 Creative Studio at d3CreativeStudio.com, and Dwayne Bergmann Interiors at DwayneBergmann.com.